Health Tourism In Malaysia

Malaysia is ranked as one of the world’s leading medical tourism destinations, for many excellent reasons.

Health Tourism is promoted and regulated by the government, providing visiting patients with the assurance of quality, safety standards and regulations within the industry.
Costs are often just a fraction of those in the USA, Europe, Japan and other high-income locations, while standards of care are among the best in the world.

The language of the Malaysian healthcare industry is English, so communication between patients and healthcare professionals is effortless. And of course, Malaysia is a wonderful place to recover and recuperate.

Healthcare travellers can obtain medical expertise especially in the fields of cardiology, in-vitro fertilisation, oncology, orthopaedics, neurology, general health screenings, and aesthetics (dental & cosmetic surgery), among many others. Today, Malaysia is positioned as the Fertility and Cardiology Hubs of Asia, the Cancer Care Centre of Excellence as well as the Hepatitis C Treatment Hub of Asia, anchored on its strengths in these niche areas.


Therefore Malaysia is the ideal choice for patients who are looking to:

Health Tourism In Sarawak

Sarawak’s geographical location has an advantage in further growing its healthcare demand.

Stretching some 800 kilometres along the northwest coast of Borneo and interconnected with Kalimantan, Indonesia, and other neighbourhood countries such as Brunei and the Philippines, healthcare travellers can easily access Malaysia Healthcare’s member hospitals via various modes of transports from land, air, to ferry.

The decision to have healthcare treatment in Malaysia is an easy one. Choosing where to have that treatment is not quite so easy, given the wide choice of hospitals and locations. If you want your patient experience and your visitor experience to be equally unique and as enjoyable as possible, you might just want to choose Sarawak.